Friday, October 9, 2009

South Mississippi Mule Pull

Often I am amazed at how country my family and friends are. My parents are members of the South Mississippi Mule and Horse Association. That's right. A group that is dedicated to mules and horses. I thought to myself, when I heard about this, only does this happen in Mississippi. I have been to a couple of these events called Mule Pulls. This is where weighted sleds are hooked up to a mule or two mules and they see who can pull the most weight. It is actually fun to see the mammoth creatures work together with their trainer who is shouting all sorts of commands. The Mule Pulls also have a variety of entertainment. A petting zoo for the kids, concerts, great food, etc... After being a witness to this spectacle, I am not ashamed of being country. Mules and Horses, great food and southern hospitality and fellowship is country. It is Mississippi. Visit the groups website at

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